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Community First, a ballot line for all voters.

After submitting hundreds of signatures with the Board of Elections to successfully secure an independent party line called “Community First,” I am proud to also represent this new party line in

November! Community First will empower voters to support community based candidates, ensuring that local elections engage voters on the issues, not just party lines.

What I've learned as we gathered signatures from voters of all political spectrums, is that we all face the same issues and share community values. Being someone who has Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and WFP voters as both friends and family, I know how important it is to have choices on Election Day. I believe it should always be about the person who can best represent you, and I will continue to work tirelessly to earn your support. Come November, you will have the opportunity to elect me as your Dutchess County Legislator in the 16th District - and you will have plenty of choices casting your vote (Democrat, WFP, and Community First lines). I want to thank all the volunteers throughout Dutchess County who supported my campaign in this exciting effort, and I eagerly look forward to earning your support!

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